Friday, 27 January 2017

What to expect and avoid when meeting a Mumbai escort

Mumbai escort showing off her leg in black stocking
There are so many escorts agencies in Mumbai, some are managed by agents or managers and some are independently owned by call girls. We here will express our point of view, rules, and customs. See you and us here understand what you really expect from Mumbai escorts, very few people pay money just for companionship, they want deeper engagement and although we can't express this here openly but we can assure you that your expectations will be met and you will be satisfied the way you want.

Most customers are worried about the girl, will she be pretty or not. Firstly, we want to tell you that we are proud of our girls because they are very good looking and better from many Independent escorts in Mumbai as well as better than many agencies that will charge you double, triple more for providing the same quality of service. Our cost of service is lower than many of them and this is our plus point.

Men will prefer cheaper escorts over cheap call girls because we all know that escorts have better standards of living, are appropriately dressed and have good etiquettes. So if you are looking quality with the reasonable cost then you can surely expect that from us and we promise you that as an agency we will never ever disappoint you. Customers matter most to us.

Now what you do with your escort all depends on you, you can either have a dinner, watch a film or have some adult fun. But there are some things you should avoid like do not abuse them. They are human beings too and you must treat them like that. If you will show them respect and care they will reciprocate accordingly. Don't force them into anything that is considered unnatural. When they are with you for those hours she is your responsibility so handle her with care.

And that is all, you don't have to worry about anything just be human treat another person as human and you will never regret hiring Mumbai escorts from our agency.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hire escorts in Andheri for short duration at just Rs 5k to Rs 7k (price not negotiable)

Andheri call girl
Desi Girls Escorts agency is one of the most popular female escort provider in Andheri (West/East). You can hire glamorous seductive Desi babes at quite low rates than other agencies. Also our prices are negotiable, though there are certain condition like not on weekends or on a busy day.

We respect our clients and treat them with patience. Patience is a key to build good relationships. When you deal with an agency like ours you build relationship with us not with the girls because they are just someone who will meet you and serve you and that our all girls will do because that is what they are paid for and this is what their job is. When we build good relationship with a  customer or vice versa, we take care of them and always try to provide them with the best female assistance available at us.

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Life is all about gaining experience, when you meet a girl in private it is a give and take relationship. You give something to her, she gives something to you. Mutual benefit is the key here and we try to give you more so that you are satisfied properly.You have sensuous moments to cherish later. You can hire call girls from our agency anytime. We provide service almost everywhere in Mumbai. Andheri is one of ours favorite areas in Mumbai. It is a an important suburban area which consists of decent Hotels, bars, malls and restaurants.

If you are not staying in Hotel or you don't have a private place where you can meet an Escort, we provide Hotel room for such customers. Cheap hotel rooms are booked for Rs.1000/- only and good rooms available at Rs.3000/- only. Quality of Hotel room has nothing to do with kind of girl you are going to meet.

So, get in touch with us if you are looking for a woman online for hookup of sex, instead of wasting your time and energy on dating websites and social media, you can best hire a girl from us and have fun for couple of hours to whole night.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Establish deep connections with "Palak"

Palak displaying her sexy smooth shiny dusky legs
Palak is kind of very responsible person. She is 26 years old and a committed professional escort, ready to report you in your hotel room or somewhere in public. She forms deep and powerful connection with her clients during the session. So you can hire her or any other girl from our agency at amazingly low price. Some guys asks me, "why your pricing is lower than other agencies". To which I politely reply that,"we are not cheap, we are affordable".

If you need an escort for making an appearance somewhere or you just want to close the door and have some casual sexual encounter then, call us. We give you the best deal at best price. Beautiful and bold girl like Palak is just a call away from you. If you don't have a room, well that can be arranged for you.

Palak starts her day with a glass of water followed by some physical exercises. She maintains and works hard on her body. A little meditation doesn't hurt anybody in fact, she do is religiously which makes her mind free and tension free. She drinks ample amount of water whole day to keep her body hydrated, moist and plum. After completing her tasks she gets available in the evening and looks for an opportunity or an offer from a genuine guy, who knows what he wants and how he wants. So call now and book an appointment with her.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Offer !!! Full body female to male massage plus extra fun at just Rs.5000

Our desi escorts are trained and talented girls who know how to please a man in different situations. If you are in Mumbai and looking for female to male massage with sex you can contact our agency. This is the best opportunity for men who wants to explore the art of sensual pleasure. When a female massage it's kind of a naughty act in itself as you will be almost or may be fully naked in front of her and she will be giving you the massage, touching your hands, legs, thighs, your sensitive parts, the whole act is very sensational. On that if you wish you could also get 1 round. I hope you understand what round we are speaking about here. You can just lie down and she will climb on you and will ride you or maybe give you a blowjob/sucking (penis in the mouth) or may be a handjob or footjob depends on your fantasy.

You can ask for out-call service for your hotel room or your residential apartment. In case you don't have privacy or if you live with family or if you don't want to book a hotel room and still get the service you don't need to worry about anything, you just have to come and visit at our place, there is no extra cost for in-call service and you will be provided with a room with 100% privacy assured.

Let us tell you again that this is not a spa in Mumbai but a service brought to you by our escort agency. We provide massage using traditional Indian oils and techniques. We focus on some pressure points in the body that help release stress and makes you feel re-energized. With massage as we said that we are not spa there are some other sensuous services added like foreplay, nude maasage, penis massage, etc. You can hire one of our desi girl for the service for just Rs 5000 for 2 hours i.e. around USD 80.

Monday, 18 April 2016

22 years old Himanshi looking for fuck mate in Mumbai

Himanshi showing her ass
We all know that adult content is mostly searched content online that includes porn, dating sites, escorts, call girls. We all are looking for someone may be for long term relationship or short term relationship. But it is a reality that we all seek a partner online for sexual relationship at some point of time in life and another harsh reality is that most of us find it difficult to find a partner whom we can call our fuck mate or fuck buddy. Adult dating sites are all crap, you will register on them by making payment and what you get in return few girls profiles with thousands of other male profiles and you cannot be sure whether these girls are even real or fake.

The best way through which you can surely find a buddy for having sex is by hiring a call girl or in case you just want to have a beautiful partner or a companion you can book an escort. Himanshi is 22 years old beautiful sexy escort who can be your fuck mate because she is a call girl too. Himanshi is full of life, she is generous and kind towards people who are friendly towards her. She likes listening to people's opinions and about their life. Works as part time and accepts only suitable offers from reputed clients calling from Hotels mostly.

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You can book Himanshi or any other desi escort girl from our agency by just dialing at +91-9987710144, Mr.Rony manager at this agency will take care of all your personal requirement and will see that your taste buds gets satisfied properly. Himanshi is good nature girl and so are our other escorts. You will not be disappointed and will cherish these exotic babes of South Asia.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Call a girl at low rates from our escort agency to your room

call girl lying on bed in a hotel room
We have several independent girls who works with our escort agency as professional and can be hired at quite low rates (cheaper) in comparison to other agencies. Our cost of service for in-call and out-call starts at Rs7000/- for 1-2 hours that includes 1 shot with proper foreplay. This is a great opportunity for men who are seeking a girl or a woman as a partner for short term relationship. Being a man we all know how difficult is is to find a woman who is willing to have short term relationship and even if you find someone then there are possibilities that things can get messy.

When you hire a girl from us your privacy is strictly maintained and our girls are trustworthy in the sense that they will have no other expectation from you. You simply have to pay her for her job and you're done. Hiring a call girl is also time saving and 100% confirmed way of getting laid. We are very cooperating in the sense that we understand your desires and your needs and we full support you and become part of your desires and fantasy. Our girls will fully cooperate with you on bed and will make you feel comfortable with their friendly nature. Within a couple of minutes you feel feel a connection and speak up your mind with her will full confidence, don't be shy or afraid of anything just remember that you have hired her so you are the boss.

We provide service in suburbs and urban Mumbai. So you can book a girl who can arrive at your hotel room or your apartment or you can simply pick up her from some place close to you. Some people have this misconception that there are hotels in Mumbai for sex, but this is not true. No hotel will provide you any girl or anything for having sex because this is not legal. But nobody can stop you from having sex with your own partner. And our girls will act as if they are your partner, we hope that you like girlfriend experience or housewife experience.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Geet is cute, attractive and separated from her boyfriend

Geet sitting on bed in short dress with open hair
Geet is a normal girl who is cute and attractive. She is humble human being who wants to do something for mankind. She believes in destiny and never forget to read her daily horoscope in newspaper. Working as an escort was never her choice but due to some personal reasons she joined our agency. Although working as an escort for very long time is not her goal but for now atleast for couple of years she is going to work for us.

Men who wants to meet decent girl who is simple and sweet can contact us to meet Geet. She is sexually not very experienced because she never had been in a long term relationship. There was a boyfriend as she tells but they separated due to long distance issues. Long distance in love means relationship will die. Long distance is the most negative thing a person can have in relationship.

Being an escort she entertains with her sweet talks and by displaying her beautiful body on demand. She is ready to get explored if you want to have some dirty fun. Or in case you just wants some cuddling and kissing only she don't mind. Her motive is to make you happy because she likes short term relationship and men who can make her enjoy her body and her sensitive body parts.

Geet is non-vegetarian but she doesn't drink or smoke. Health means lot to her because she is responsible person. If you ask her what is her favorite body part she gives unique answer and i.e. her tongue and if you ask why, she says that, because she is very good kisser. Hope you will like her, contact us for scheduling and booking.